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The tastings are not going to stop

The Tenuta di Cannteto oenlogist, Vincenza Folgheretti, tells us about the winery’s wines on the company’s social media: this is a moment of sharing, that can help the customer to purchase the product that is best suited for his or her taste.

To participate to the tastings offered by the Tuscan winery Tenuta di Canneto, and posted on its social media you will only need an internet connection, a computer or a smartphone and of course… a bottle of wine by Tenuta di Canneto. This initiative has the aim to virtually stay in touch with the clients, waiting for the moment when the winery will be able to host them again in its rooms, in the heart of the Metalliferous hills in Marremma. Vincenza Folgheretti, Tenuta di Canneto’s oenologist, will tell us about the company’s wines, she knows very well the potentialities and the features of these peculiar lands that are able to give birth to very high quality wines. “When you decide to purchase a wine, you are already thinking with which dish you should match it with or in which occasion you should open it and also whether to taste it alone or in company” they say at the winery “For this reason, to learn to know the wine’s features, scents and colors is a fundamental thing: only knowing that we can value the wine and really enjoy it. Our online tastings are born for this reason: we cannot currently tell our wines’ features directly in our winery but we do not want to give up on this important moment of sharing between us and our customers.”

The first wine that Vincenza decided to present to the public is the Bianco by Tenuta di Canneto, Lillatro Garbato, followed by the Pietriccio and by the Santabarbara, flagship of the winery’s production. 

“After producing red wines for many years, the company decided to engage in the realization of a white wine with character, that could talk about the territory in which it was born- says the oenologist- the first year of this wine was 2019 and it fully satisfied our expectations: it is a very particular wine that originates from four different grapes’ varieties, on the nose it has fruity notes, floral and then mineral in the end. It is fresh and delicate, it is perfect with shellfish dishes, fresh cheeses and white meats, but also for the aperitif.”

The tastings are a few minutes long, but they allow to be immersed in Tenuta di Canneto’s world and are also able to guide the customers to the purchase of the wine that is best suited for his or her needs and taste. All of the company’s products can be easily purchased from home: you only have to send an e-mail to the company or call it at the number 3805233852.

“After watching the tastings the customer can choose the bottle he likes and it will be send to his doorstep, or he can go the other way around: he could purchase one of our wines and, after that, he could have fun and taste it with us, connecting to our Facebook page”