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The new vintages by Tenute di Canneto

It’s time to start the bottling process fot the Tuscan winery that is preparing to finish the productive cycle of its oenological excellences

February is the time to bottle the new vintages and also Tenuta Canneto, the Maremman winery, is getting ready to this delicate and important moment for its wines that, once kept in the bottles, will be able to reach the most important markets and the most important events all around the world, and, at least the customer’s tables to be cherished, tasted and matched with lots of culinary specialties.

Ten years ago, the cellar of Tenuta di Canneto became the flagship of the winery, it is constantly upgraded and it has a grapes’ sorting system, that allows to select only the best grapes to produce wines with the finest quality. The small vats shaped like truncated cones are dedicated to the individual lots of Syrah and Sangiovese. Then it follows the refining in barriques that are diversified on the basis of the type of wine, and then it comes the bottling to conclude the long and patient process aimed to obtain only the best products.

Today in Tenuta di Canneto change is still in the air: on one hand the advent of the new generation brought a fresh, new, air in the company, with the passing of the baton from father to daughter, and, on the other hand, a new range of wines has been created.

A wine, born almost by accident is the Lillatro Garbato, a blend of chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, viogner and vermentino. It is a pleasant and delicate white wine, a little unusual that surprises and intrigues, it has the features of a complex white, very long and savory, a wine with a strong personality.

Another wine, an iconic red, is the Santabarbara, a bordolese wine, made by a blend of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, franc and syrah that comes from a selection of the best vineyards owned by the company, it is amazing for its full-bodied feature and its power but at the same time for its drinkability.

The Pietriccio presents itself as a very fresh wine but complex to the tasting. A basic but not trivial wine.

And, at least, one of the spearheads of Tenuta di Canneto: the Pian Contessa, a Merlot in purity. This wine counts one more year of refining than the others, so you can now purchase the year 2017 and next year you will be able to buy the vintage 2018. It is a label that is destined to become more and more important on the international markets.