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The Cellar

Tenuta di Canneto

Located in an area of gentle hills, between the valley of the river Sterza and that of Cornia, the Tenuta di Canneto collects eighteen farms on a TOTALE area of 1,000 hectares, including 30 used for the cultivation of vines. The selection of the patchy vineyards is the result of careful scientific research on the analysis of the soil and on the exposure according to which the most excellent Cru grapes were planted with clonal selection.

Wise hands of ancient experience are dedicated to the care of these vineyards to deliver to one of the most renowned Italian oenologists the best grapes to be transformed into high quality wines and become an expression of the spirit of the company.

The cellar has a selection line of grapes, which allows us to bring inside only the excellence of the vineyard. Small capacity truncated tanks are dedicated to the fermentation of individual lots of Syrah and Sangiovese.

The fermentation and aging tanks have a system of hot and cold thermoregulation. The micro oxygenation is controlled by the computer and allows us the precision control for correct aging. Even the barrique zone has its importance, with 90 barriques, including new ones and them of second and third passage.